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First. Blog. Post. Here we go.

I want to take a moment to introduce you to how Ruth & Naomi's came into existence. 

The only place to start, is the beginning. In May of 2014, I began my first real, journey in entrepreneurship. I became a Mary Kay consultant. I learned so much about myself, my goals, business, skincare, makeup, taxes... You name it. Mary Kay shaped me, and I will always hold them near and dear to my heart! In Mary Kay, I saw success, and I also saw failure, and learned how to pick up the pieces to carry on. I almost cherish my failures more than the successes. Mary Kay is where I discovered helping women find the beauty that God so carefully shaped into them is my life's passion! I will never forget my first facial, and my first color look, and the smile that lady smiled into that black plastic pop-up vanity. 

I had a 5 month old baby when I began that journey. If I am being completely honest with you, I didn't think I was beautiful. I was a new mom who made her baby her priority and in the process had no idea who she was anymore. This opportunity forced me to believe in myself again, reconnect with me, and love me! I had to take off the sweatpants, I had to put on makeup, I had to take care of my skin... By doing that when I least felt like it, I saved myself from teetering further on a dark place... I reconnected with God, and then got to KNOW him. He showed me how he felt about me. So then, at the peak of my MK career, life happened, my husband got injured at work, and as our sole income provider I had to sell lipstick as quick as I could so we could stay afloat...  >>>>>>>Fast Forward>>>>>>>

About 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to open an online boutique. I wanted to help women find "their"style. I craved to just see women light up in the clothes, and accessories I was offering... Needless to say. It didn't work out that way. I got defeated. I gave up for a little bit... Tried some other things, they just weren't fulfilling. Took a step back, regrouped, and then life happened, again. 

This time, life happened hard. We went through a long hard season of loss. It was really a "Ruth and Naomi" season. At the time, I couldn't see it, but now I know God was refining us. He was calling us to more and in order to reach that we had to learn what was most important. 

Finally in desperation, I said "God, I'm done. I will do what you want and I will trust you. Just do not forget how afraid of this step I am." My plan was to just be "online only" hoping to maybe grow into an actual brick and mortar location some day.  >>>>>Fast Forward>>>>>>

The Boutique became a burning desire. God began moving. A commercial spaced opened up at an affordable price, with affordable utilities, 5 minutes from my house. I needed a name. God just kept directing me to "Ruth & Naomi." So we went with it. We battled obstacle after obstacle to get the door open. And, NOW, We're here!

Our goal is to truly, uplift, empower, and inspire the people we encounter. We just want to love you, where ever you are. We want to help you see how SPECIAL and Ah.May.Zing you are. Right Now. Today. Just as you are! 

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for taking the time to read and get to know about us and our hearts cry. Thank you! Blessings to you and all you love! 


   I love ya so big. I appreciate ya so much! 

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